Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most Ridiculously WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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Cabs are here, again! Or should we say, “Taxis sono qui?!” Our fave members of the Jersey Shore cast came back last night, and they are so not holding back from being their normal trainwreck selves over in Italy. And we’re not complaining. Between The Situation trying to hook up with Snooki, and Sammi and Deena attempting to act in a commercial (seriously, was that for real?), we’re guessing this may be the start to the best season. Ever!

Click on for the most ridiculously WTF quotes from the premiere! We promise, there were ‘no grenates’ in this ep.

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“Lock up your daughters, handcuff your wives. The Situation is taking over the Italian nation.”-The Situation before takeoff
Excuse us. We think we’re going to be sick. P.S. Does anyone understand the combover ‘situation’ he had going on?

“Is that where I get pesos?” -Snooki at the airport in Milan
Well, at least she understands that she needs to convert to foreign cash.

“Good morning, Vincent. Good morning, Vincent’s beard. Did you both sleep well?”Pauly D on Vinny’s new facial hair
It really is lmao-worthy that Vinny believes he’s “more better looking” with this string of hair he has lining his face. Seriously, kid. You’re better off shaving it.

“She’s going to f- that situation, for this Situation?”Ronnie on Snooki
In case you missed it, no, Snooki did not smush Mike. She still has a boyf named Jionni at home and she promised she’d ‘be good’. But that doesn’t mean The Situation won’t stop trying. And we’re pretty sure having a boo hasn’t stopped her before.

“Is that 18,000? If your voltage is 1,600, you need a 2,000 voltage.” –Deena to Pauly D
Say, what? We all know the JS cast likes to get their hair-styling on. So when they learned that the outlets were different in Italy, let’s just say they were not too amused. Gotta love Deena’s math skills, though.

Did you catch the season premiere? What were your fave quotes? Looking forward to this season? Sound off in the comments!