Reason Number 4 We’re Excited for January: Jersey Shore

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Guidos and guidettes, mark your calenders. Jersey Shore season 3 is returning on Thursday, January 6th and it’ll definitely be making its comeback with a bang (or two or three). Snooki, The Situation and friends are back in Seaside where all the debauchery started, but this time around there’s a new roommate (Deena) but the same ol’ drama.

So what were our five fave moments of season 2? And what craziness can we look forward to for season 3? Click for a recap and preview!

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1. JWOWW and Snooki write an “anonymous” note to Sammi, telling her that Ronnie cheated on her. And yet, Sammi went back to him. Well, then they broke up, but reconciled. Again.
2. Angelina has a boyfriend, but sleeps with Vinny — eeks! — all while hanging out with one of Snooki’s former flings. We’ll never forget that cat fight where Snooki took out her earrings and whooped Angelina’s little butt.
3. Speaking of Angelina, remember when she left a bloody, used pad on the floor in the bathroom? Yeah. The Situation had reason to freak out.
4. Vinny finds true love! So much for not falling in love at the Jersey Shore. Despite her being a major flake and canceling on him a few times, Vinny and hottie Ramona were a couple made in guido heaven.
5. The Situation hooked up with lots of grenades. He also got the car towed, got him and his housemates thrown out of a club and almost burned down the house. But really, he just hooked up with lots of chicks.

Are you excited for season 3? Do you think Deena will be more entertaining to watch than Angelina? Sound off now!