Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most Ridiculously WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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Last night’s episode of Jersey Shore had tons of dramz and for once, Ronnie and Sammi had nothing to do with it! Don’t worry. We’re shocked too. Instead, the fighting revolved around Snooki and the Situation after he told the whole house that she cheated on her boyf with him a few months back. Who should we trust? Not a clue. But also thanks to last night’s ep, we now know not to trust Deena with a smush-buddy…

Peep the full recap, plus our 5 fave quotes from “Twinning!”

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1. “He actually speaks well English.” –Deena
On Deena’s mission to find an Italian husby who she can understand, she gives her number to a (not-so-cute) waiter dude. Lucky for her, he speaks”well English!” She ends up taking him home that night to “cuddle,” but the boys totally ruined that plan. Probs just jealous they didn’t have their own smush-buddies.

2. “You’re winning, but you’re twinning ’cause you’ve got two twin chicks.” — Pauly D
Wise words from Pauly after he finds out that the girl that The Situation met in the first episode actually has an identical twin sister. Thanks, Pauly, for breaking it down for us.

3. “I don’t feel like conversating.” — Snooki
Mike asked Snooki to entertain his twins, but she just wasn’t having it. Normally Mike could find plenty to do with a chick (or two) at night, but since they came over during the day? Whole new ballgame, people.

4. “Look how romantical this is. I haven’t felt this happy in like 20 years, I’m not even kidding you.” — Sammi
You saw this one coming too, right? Sammi and Ron have a “romantical” dinner in Firenze where they decide that they still love each other and want to get back together. Worst. idea. Ever.

5. “Even if I pulled the robbery you don’t pull the double robbery, you know what I’m saying?” — Vinny
For once it wasn’t MVP fighting over the girl, but Vinny and… Deena? Deena hooked up with one of the twins, Erica, at the bar, then she went into Vinny’s bed, then back into Deena’s, and then when Deena decided she’s not actually a lesbian, she gave her back to Erica. Classy, guys.

Oh, and check out all the pics from the episode below: