Jersey Shore Finale: 5 Things We Wish Would’ve Happened

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Truth be told, last night’s season finale of Jersey Shore was pretty uneventful, to say the least. Especially according to the standards of Seaside, we’ve gotta admit we were a little disappointed. Yes, there was a real SamRon breakup (finally!) and JWoww and Roger made it offish (yes!), but we have a few other things we would’ve loved to have seen on last night’s finale…

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1. Snooki and Jionni make it official. We know they’re dating IRL, so why couldn’t they have shown the two of them hooking up on the finale, instead of her hooking up with Nick? JWoww and Roger made it offish, so why couldn’t they also? Just asking.
2. Snooki and Vinny hooking up. For real. Come on, Vinny. Enough with trying to get with every other girl in Seaside, including Deena’s hot friend. Snooki wants you, you want her, and clearly there’s tons of sexual tension. Couldn’t you have just sealed the deal for real in the last episode? Again?
3. Mike brought the drama. Sure, he stirred the pot with Ronnie and Sammi, but all season The Situation was relatively, um, dare we say, quiet? We would’ve loved to have seen more of his hilarious outspokenness that made him so famous on the first two seasons.
4. Pauly D and stalker Danielle get married. Clearly this would never happen in a million years, but we miss that good ol’ Israeli stalker. She had a cameo in, like, three episodes this season, so how hilar if she made another in the finale? Whatever. Maybe she’ll visit Pauly in Italy next year…
5. Sammi and Ronnie break up. Oh wait, that happened. And thank the LORD for that, because we literally could not stand those two being together for one more second. SamRon was fun while it lasted, folks.

Did you like the finale episode? What do you wish had happened? Tell us in the comments!