Jersey Shore Recap: Sammi and Ronnie Fight (Surprise!) and Vinny Has a Stalker

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We’ll be honest — not much happened on last night’s episode of Jersey Shore. The face that Sammi Sweetheart is sporting to the left pretty much sums it up. Of course there was the usual JS drama and tons of grenades, but the eppie focused mostly on Sammi and Ronnie, and Sammi and Snooki, and Sammi and, well, just read our recap and you’ll see what we mean!

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Click on and see our fave hilarious one-liners from last night’s episode!

5. Deena’s boobs were the talk of the guys in the house. Are they real or are they fake? And more importantly, asked Pauly D, are they filled with milk? No, Pauly. No they are not.
4. Vinny got a stalker. Talk about grenades! One very persistent lady followed Vinny around in the club, to which Vinny so eloquently said “She is a parasite and I am the host.” Touche.
3. Sammi and Ronnie missed Sunday night dinner, which is basically like Christmas in the Jersey Shore household. Clearly Sammi didn’t care whatsoever, but the rest of the house was not happy. And Ronnie brought back a stuffed banana, (perhaps as a peace offering?), to which Pauly D replied, “You can’t come in with a banana and expect everything to be peaches.” We’ve never laughed harder.
2. All the roommates went to the boardwalk to ride the rides and cause debauchery. Everyone was having fun except for Sammi, of course, who pouted the whole time and made it known, a million times, that she wasn’t friends with anyone there. Ok, we get it.
1. Vinny stole a girl from The Situation and Mike was so not having it. Both of them brought home a girl — only one — and instead of “flipping for it,” Vinny committed a robbery and enjoyed himself with his new lady friend in the guest room. That’s Karma, people!

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