Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most Ridiculously WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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They might as well have just called last night’s episode of Jersey ShoreSnooki Can’t Stop Crying, Part 2.” Because after the last episode with the major Jionni drams, we thought it was all over for those two. And this week on “Damage is Done?” It was over. And then it wasn’t. And now it looks like it’s over again..

See what we thought were the best, WTF-worthy quotes of the night, and don’t forget to tell us yours, too!

“Gym, tan drama today. GTD” — The Situation
Yeah, drama is right. Sitch was basically starting up trouble when he threatened to call up Jionni and tell him what really happened between him and Snooki. Right. Because Jionni wasn’t mad enough at Snooki already.

“That’s messed up because she really cares about the kid.” — Vinny

“She looked like she cared last night…” — Pauly
Obvs this gem is referring to the little smush fest that happened between Vinny and Snooki literally an hour after she and Jionni broke up.

“This is the best day of my life on a camera.” — Pauly
Ok, so this quote wasn’t exactly a plot-advancer, but come on. How funny when all the guys visited Vinny’s family in Italy and found old-school embarrassing pictures of him? We love.

“Like, I’m not into geography anymore. Give me the effing wine.” — Snooki
Meanwhile, Snooki and the rest of the girls go on a wine tour, but forget the history lesson — the girls just want to drink, get drunk, and have a chat sesh about Snooki’s relationship problems.

“I’m so happy he gave me a second chance. I love him. I’m in love.” — Snooki
After Snooki calls Jionni and tells him that she hooked up with Vinny but “didn’t have sex,” he takes her back. But after she talks to Vinny and finds out, wait, we actually did sleep together, she calls Jionni back to tell him and, um, he hangs up. We’re pretty sure they’re finito.