Jersey Shore Recap: The 5 Most WTF Quotes from Last Night’s Ep

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The title of last night’s Jersey Shore ep, “Meatball Mashup,” is, not gonna lie, gross. But it actually is like, the most genius episode title ever, considering the whole thing revolved around Snooki and Deena (aka Team Meatball)’s drunken antics. See exhibit a to the left for proof. But what else went down, aside from Deena’s pants?

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“How many guidos does it take to put luggage on the car?” — Jenni, as the guys pack up the roommates’ 8 (!) suitcases in 2 tiny fiats before they head to the beach, Riccione. Did we mention they took 8 suitcases for a 24 hour trip? High maintenance.

”Snooki and Deena are the meatballs and they’re not making it to the sauce.” — The Situation
The whole group had dinner reservations for 9:30, but at 7:40, Deena and Snooki were plastered, to say the least, dancing their asses (and underwear?) off on the beach. When Ronnie told them to get dressed for dinner they didn’t listen. Or they did, but just didn’t comprehend. So the rest of the group went to din and the Meatballs showed up for the tail end of dessert. Oy.

”Whatever. I forgot to put underwears on.” — Deena
”All I know is Deena needs a wax.” — Jenni
After dinner, the dancing continued at the club. But Deena must’ve gotten dressed so fast that she forgot her panties. So when she started dancing, you could, ya know, see some stuff. Good thing TV has censors.

”Hey, Deena. Stop making a scene and lesssssgo!” — Pauly
Because the whole “underwears” incident wasn’t enough for one night, then Snooki and Deena started making out. Like, hard core. We think Pauly’s line (get it? Lessssgo? Like lesbian?) summed up the whole thing quite perfectly.

“I don’t even make out this long with Ron. It felt like I was watching a porn for like, 20 hours.” — Sammi
At the club, the meatballs were going at it. On the ride home, the meatballs were going at it. At home, the meatballs were going at it. Then in the morning when the woke up? Well, they stopped, but had no idea WTF happened the night before.

Oh, and there’s no funny quote for this, but once the meatballs recovered, they got into a car accident – ya know, the one that was all over the previews – where Snooki crashed into a cop car and took a breathalyzer test.

To be continued, we guess?

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