Snooki is Over Her Nickname. Let’s Give Her a New One!

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One look at that girl to the left and, despite the lack of pouf, you automatically know it’s Snooki, the guidette from Jersey Shore. But could Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, be getting–gasp!–tired of the nickname that pretty much made her famous?

The Snooks told The AP:

“I miss my real name. I miss people calling me Nicole.”

Awww, poor Snooki Nicole! Maybe she just needs a better nickname. Which got us thinking…

VIDEO: Watch Snooki “Snookify” an innocent little girl!

If not Snooki, what would you call the famous guidette? Queen of Pickles? Oompah Loompah? Or, uh, is that just us? Share your thoughts for a new Snooki moniker in the comments below!