6 Things I Learned From Partying With the Cast of Jersey Shore in Seaside

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Fun fact: My boyfriend was born and raised in Seaside Heights, N.J. We started dating the first season that Jersey Shore aired and, consequently, what started as watching a TV show to learn about his hometown has since morphed into a full-blown, national Jersey hysteria. So whenever we go to Seaside, we’re always shocked that we never see the cast — until this past weekend, when they were suddenly around wherever we turned. So, obviously, you can bet I did some stalking.

So what did I learn from partying with Snooki, Vinny, The Situation and co? Well, let’s begin…

6. Need A Calling Card? Join a Reality Show
A crew roughly 15 members strong followed the cast wherever they went, driving them in a large van, providing security, filming, and creating storylines. I mean, no pressure, right? Everywhere they went, at least two cameras, two lighting rigs and a boom operator followed, plus two producers to set up shots. And this happens almost every night! So you have to figure that in order to have one night out, that’s five hours of filming, times six nights a week, times two months… let’s just say it’s a testament to the power of editing.

They’re in there somewhere, I swear.

5. No Fun to Be Had? Make Your Own
I witnessed Deena dancing by herself the majority of one evening we went out, and more power to her! Who says that you always need a bunch of fans or friends to ensure a good time? Also, I can say without a doubt that she is an excellent dancer — although if her requiring my help to get off of a platform is any indication, it’s only to prove that they really do dance in those six-inch heels.


4. The Boys Are Shorter Than You Think, And Everyone Is Tanner
I hate to say that Ronnie can’t be much taller than my 5’3”, and Vinny isn’t far behind him. The ladies are taller than you’d imagine, plus everyone is definitely tanner (especially Pauly, as we confirmed during this interview). And yes, IRL, JWoww’s boobs are ginormous.


3. The Stalkers? Totally A Thing
If Pauly’s stalker from season 5 is any indication, roaming outside Club Merge wearing an “If Found Please Return to DJ Pauly D” tee shirt while the cast danced inside, it’s that those ladies are portrayed as they really are. We soon learned that, rather than dancing, a lot of the Seaside crowd devoted their energies to just following the cast around wherever they went. Lame. I mean, I watch the show, but I’d hardly pay Snooki to be my tour guide.


2. Want to Meet the Guys? Be Cool and Sign Your Rights Away
Girls in tight dresses flocked to the boys wherever they went, like a Herve-Leger-clad army. No doubt these ladies would be happy to go home with any of them — they knew the drill almost better than the boys. While visiting, my bf asked to talk to the cast and was told he wasn’t cool enough to by one of the producers — her actual words. How could they say that to someone from Seaside who wanted to say thanks for bringing it into the limelight? It seems that friendly conversations just aren’t part of the storyline. After some intermingling, the girls would be pulled aside by producers and told to sign a waiver, then were photographed with their name written on the back. Could these be the infamous VD waivers that have been a hot topic online? I’d tell you, but I didn’t see a single girl actually read the waiver before signing it.


1. The Cast May Be Over It, Too
Other than Jenni and Deena (who both danced up a storm with fellow clubgoers), most of the cast enjoyed staying in their bubble of crew and only talking to each other, based in small VIP areas. Their reality is so contrived that you almost can’t help but feel for them. Most of the time, they looked bored or lost in thoughts, probably wondering what they would eat for breakfast the next day. I can only imagine that it’s the same constant routine for them, and that six seasons seems the right time to let go.


So there ya have it! Think there are more lessons that we can learn from our fave group of crazies — or are they hardly role models to begin with? How do you envision the cast IRL?

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