8 Things to Know About Joyful Noise Hottie Jeremy Jordan

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We’ve already predicted what new guys are destined to be hot this year, but we probably should have included Jeremy Jordan. It’s our job to keep the hot guys coming, right? Well, you’re in luck because now you get to read all about the Joyful Noise star right here! Jeremy is playing Randy, a teenager who wants to join a small town choir in hopes of winning the national competition, and okay to get closer to Keke Palmer‘s character, Olivia.

Get to know the up-and-comer right here!

1. Jeremy used to play baseball, until a sports-related accident in 7th grade ended his athletic career. But his grandma ran the local theater, so that’s how he got into acting and performing.

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2. Jeremy graduated Ithaca College in 2007, where he earned a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in musical theater.

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3. He starred in the Disney musical Newsies at Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. The show did so well that it’s jumping straight to Broadway this March! Jeremy won’t be in the show, though. He’s big time now.

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4. Jeremy has been in over 7 productions including West Side Story, Rock of Ages, and Bonnie & Clyde — all of which were on Broadway.

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5. While performing on stage during Rock of Ages the very first night, a famous director, Todd Graff, was sitting in the audience. Right then and there, Todd decided Jeremy would be perfect for his next feature film. Talk about a lucky break!


6. That feature film? Joyful Noise, where he plays Keke Palmer‘s love interest (and Dolly Parton‘s grandson!)!

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7. Jeremy spends his free time watching cartoons. We’d love to snuggle up and watch Tom & Jerry with him. Just sayin’.


8. Jeremy is engaged to fellow Broadway actress Ashley Spencer. The two are set to get married in the fall. Rats! Guess we’re too late!

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What do you think about cutie pie Jeremy? Are you going to see Joyful Noise when it comes out next week? Tell us here!

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