8 Things To Know About War Horse Hottie Jeremy Irvine!

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Uh, so our Christmas plans may have just gotten a little altered. Of course we’re going to open presents and stuff, but we’re also going to beg our friends to go see War Horse with us. Why? Have you seen the hotness that is Jeremy Irvine yet? With his new Steven Spielberg blockbuster set to release on Christmas Day, you’re bound to be just as in love with him as we are. Click on to learn more about Hollywood’s next heartthrob superstar, including what he has in common with Nick Jonas!

1. War Horse is not only Jeremy’s first film, but it’s his very first time on the big screen ever. Exciting!


2. Jeremy had never ridden a horse before he auditioned for the movie. Now? He looks like a pro!


3. Jeremy wasn’t just given the role for being smokin’ hot. He had to audition two or three times a week for two months and was chosen from hundreds of boys. Intense.


4. Remember when Dakota Fanning cut off all her hair for a movie role? Turns out it was for a movie called Now Is Good, in which Jeremy plays her love interest.


5. Jeremy grew up in Cambridgeshire, England, home to the University of Cambridge. Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, and Sir Francis Bacon all went to school there. If you pay attention in class, you should know who they are.

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6. Jeremy graduated from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Shortly after graduating, he played a tree (yes, as in the huge thing that grows from the ground) in London’s Royal Shakespeare Company. Sounds like fun.

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7. Jeremy is super interested in military history and collects weapons from the WWI and WWII era. Where was he when we needed him in high school for our history study sesh, huh?!


8. Like Nick Jonas, Jeremy is also struggling with Type 1 Diabetes — but he’s not letting the disease get in the way of stardom.

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What are your thoughts on Jeremy Irvine? Are you going to see War Horse? What other newbies are you crushing on? Tell us!