Jennifer Lawrence “Wanted to Kill” Harvey Weinstein Following Scandal

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While Jennifer Lawrence worked with disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein on Silver Lining’s Playbook, which earned her an Oscar, she was fortunately never a victim of his sexual misconduct. In fact, the 65-year-old’s lawyers tried to twist her words in order to get him out of a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the females he worked with over the years.

“Harvey Weinstein and his company are continuing to do what they have always done which is to take things out of context and use them for their own benefit,” the Red Sparrow actress fired back. “This is what predators do, and it must stop.”

She continued, “For the record, while I was not victimized personally by Harvey Weinstein, I stand behind the women who have survived his terrible abuse and I applaud them in using all means necessary to bring him to justice whether through criminal or civil actions. Time’s up.”

Harvey eventually apologized for using J.Law’s name in the suit and promised that “his counsel [will] not include specific names of former associates” in any legal filings moving forward.

But just because the 27-year-old wasn’t personally victimized by the sexual predator does not mean she wasn’t absolutely disgusted when she found out what he did to so many women in Hollywood over the years.

“He was never inappropriate with me,” she told Bill Whitaker on 60 Minutes. “But what he did is criminal and deplorable. And when it came out and I heard about it, I wanted to kill him. The way that he destroyed so many women’s lives. I want to see him in jail.”

While the movie producer reportedly COULD face up to 25 years in jail for his disgusting actions, it apparently could be hard to get a guilty verdict for all of the charges because of the time that has passed.

“It depends when it happened,” New York criminal defense attorney Stuart Slotnick told People magazine on the possibility of HW being prosecuted. “If a woman comes forward and says this happened on this date and it’s within the statute of limitations, there is a likelihood that a prosecutor will look at it and take the case. The statute of limitations in New York used to be five years but it was extended in many cases because of different circumstances.”