Jennifer Lawrence’s Alleged Stalker, Han Cong Zhao, to Be Held Without Bond

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WENNIn May of this year, we learned that Jennifer Lawrence had fallen victim to harassment and stalking by a 23-year-old man named Han Cong Zhao. Now, nearly four months later, his fate has (somewhat) been decided…

The Canadian male's been ordered by a judge to be held without bond because he could be a danger to the Oscar-winning actress, her family and others if left unattended. U.S. Magistrate Judge Dave Whalin says (via Huffington Post), "The evidence is strong. He presents a danger."

On April 4, Han Cong Zhao (under the name Ted) got in contact with the 23-year-old star's brother, Blaine. He claimed that he needed to "protect" her, and made references to the Boston Marathon bombings. He later mentioned that he was Jennifer Lawrence's "husband for life," and soon threatened the elder Lawrence, saying: "You got me really upset and when I'm upset, let's see what happens."

According to reports, Zhao's attorney claims that his client isn't a flight risk because "even if released, immigration agents will hold him until the case is over." However, the judge's decision's already been declared. So far, Jennifer has yet to comment on the events.

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