Jennifer Lawrence Debuts (SUPER) Short New ‘Do

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Jennifer Lawrence has had a LOT of different hair 'dos in the past couple of years, but she's gone and chopped it all off! The Oscar winning actress is set to embark on some global promoting for Catching Fire, and posted the above photo on her Facebook page with a caption that read: "Headed up north for #GLOBALFANDAY with The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast. Follow this page all day for updates!"

While that's all fine and good, we can't help but notice how SHORT her hair is. We guess this is her way of debuting the pixie cut! Also, she certainly wouldn't be the first star to chop it all off!

As you probably know, Shailene Woodley cut nearly eight inches off her locks (and donated them to charity) for her role in the upcoming film The Fault In Our Stars. Now, we're not sure if Jen did this for a role or not, but if we had to guess, the poor girl has been dying her hair between blonde and brunette for over two years now. Maybe her hair was damaged and she just needed to start fresh?

Another dead giveaway that this could be new 'do? Jen was spotted at the airport earlier this week, while all her hair was hidden underneath a beanie. Call us crazy, but we bet that was to cover up her new look!


Either way, Jen can pull off any look as far as we're concerned. Are you digging this new 'do on her? Tell us in the comments section!

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