Jennifer Lawrence Was Touched Inappropriately by Execs in the Past

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Jennifer Lawrence has been adamant about how she fortunately was never the victim of Harvey Weinstein‘s abuse, but previously admitted that she was subjected to harassment by other movie executives in the past.

“He said he didn’t know why everyone thought I was so fat,” she said about her experience with a male producer. “He thought I was ‘perfectly f*ckable.'”

But the abuse didn’t end there. The 27-year-old actress was asked by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour if she’s part of the #MeToo movement, and while she says she doesn’t feel completely comfortable putting herself in the same category with the people who came forward about being victimized by Mr. Weinstein, she definitely thinks she has been treated “in a way that I think now we would call abusive.”

She explained, “I was certainly mistreated. I was definitely treated in a way that I think now we would call abusive. I mean I had to deal with being young and having executives or higher-ups putting their hands on my legs and not feeling like I could say please don’t do that.”

The Red Sparrow star recently spoke out about the 65-year-old “predator,” who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 80+ women (so far).

“For the record, while I was not victimized personally by Harvey Weinstein, I stand behind the women who have survived his terrible abuse and I applaud them in using all means necessary to bring him to justice whether through criminal or civil actions. Time’s up.”

J.Law is also reportedly working with former E! News host Catt Sadler, who recently quit her job after finding out she was being paid significantly less than her male counterpart, to develop a docuseries about “#MeToo, Time’s Up and gender wage gap conversations in Hollywood.”.

Award-winning director Stephanie Soechtig, who has worked on projects about America’s violence epidemic and problem with obesity, has reportedly been brought on to direct the series.