The Internet Rushes to Jen Lawrence’s Defense After She Makes Rape Joke

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Last week, the public was dumbfounded after Miley Cyrus took a joke too far by making light of date rape drugs. People said she was "making herself look horrible" and even went so far as to say she's "the definition of white trash." More recently, though, Jennifer Lawrence found herself on the receiving end of Internet comments for a similar remark she made… except the public's reaction was quite different.

Upon meeting Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón, it's being reported that the 23-year-old actress cried out, "I broke out my rape scream for you!" A statement most media outlets are hanging her for. However, despite that sort of backlash, a fair amount of people on Twitter laughed off her remark and rushed to her defense:

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence's comment? Are you siding with the above Twitter users? Or are you fuming over her words? Tell us your thoughts below!

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