Why Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Sue After the “Violating” Nude Photo Hack

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Jennifer Lawrence was just one of the many female celebrities who fell victim to a massive iCloud hack in 2014 that is now commonly known as ‘The Fappening.’ A man named Ryan Collins eventually pleaded guilty to hacking at least 50 iCloud accounts and 72 Gmail accounts, most of which belonged to famous women. He did NOT, however, plead guilty to the actual leak itself. Now, the 27-year-old actress is speaking out about why she chose not to sue anyone following the horrific incident and how she’s recovering from it.

J.Law got candid in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter recently where she explained feeling violated after she got word that her personal images were being posted online.

“When the hacking thing happened, it was so unbelievably violating that you can’t even put it into words,” she explained. “I think that I’m still actually processing it. When I first found out it was happening, my security reached out to me. It was happening minute-to-minute — it was almost like a ransom situation where they were releasing new ones every hour or so. And, I don’t know, I feel like I got gang-banged by the f*cking planet — like, there’s not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me. You can just be at a barbecue and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process.”

Jennifer ultimately decided not to fire back with her own lawsuits, though, because she didn’t think legal action would “really bring [her] peace.”

She revealed, “A lot of women were affected, and a lot of them reached out to me about suing Apple or suing [others] — and none of that was gonna really bring me peace, none of that was gonna bring my nude body back to me and [then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult], the person that they were intended for. It wasn’t gonna bring any of that back. So I wasn’t interested in suing everybody; I was just interested in healing.

The Mother! actress still feels the effects of the hack to this day, and remembers literally sobbing just over a year ago as a result.

“I think, like, a year and a half ago, somebody said something to me about how I was ‘a good role model for girls,’ and I had to go into the bathroom and sob because I felt like an impostor — I felt like, ‘I can’t believe somebody still feels that way after what happened.’ It’s so many different things to process when you’ve been violated like that.”

We cannot even imagine.