Joult Stans Will LOVE What Jennifer Lawrence Just Said About Nick Hoult

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The romantic relationship between Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult ended a long time ago. Like… it’s been five years since their first breakup, and about three and a half years since their second (re: last) split. Time really does fly.

But you know what’s great about the two of them? The fact that they can still see each other at events and be completely amicable. Take their reunion at the 2016 Golden Globes — they didn’t just lock eyes across the room; they went up to one another to chat. That’s amazing!

Two years later, her friendly feelings about clearly Nick still remain. During a podcast interview with comedian Marc Maron, the 27-year-old Red Sparrow actress revealed, “I’m friends with all my exes, actually. For the most part, yeah. I have a theory. I think it’s because I’m blunt. I don’t think that you can have any sort of bad relationship with anybody if you’re just blunt. Everybody always knows how you feel at all times and there’s no lying, it’s just honesty.”

She continued, “Everybody’s a good guy to each other. All my boyfriends have been wonderful.” But, wait, which one did she single out? “Nick was a great boyfriend.

Ugh, right in the feels. #TeamJoult

Don’t worry, though — we’re not banking on an all-out, lovey-dovey reunion between the X-Men co-stars. She once told Vogue, “I feel like if I find that one person who I want to spend the rest of my life with, who I want to be the father of my children, that I would absolutely not f*** it up.” So we’re thinking that she has yet to meet the love of her life yet… meaning that the 28-year-old British actor isn’t the one for her.

It doesn’t sound like Chris Martin or Darren Aronofsky are the ones for her either. During the same aforementioned podcast, she said, “Every time I go through a breakup, it’s not like my heart isn’t broken. They just never did anything to, like, devastate me. They were just good people. Maybe that’s also the secret. I’m attracted to good people.”

As with Nick, Jen’s (non-romantic) relationship with the 49-year-old mother! director still remains intact. “I still love him very much,” she revealed.