Waitaminute — Are Jennifer Lawrence & Nick Hoult Engaged??

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OMG, dying. If the latest rumors are true, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult (also known as Joult) are tapped to tie the knot! Despite what seems like the Oscar winner's best efforts to distract us with her Kate Gosselin haircut and couture Dior gown, the world has now been made aware of a rock on that special finger, and we can't ignore it anymore. LOOK!


The above photo was taken just days before the world premiere of Catching Fire at a lesser-publicized event. But on the day of the London red carpet, she ditched that particular piece of jewelry for another, seen here:


So is she just attached to sporting bling on her ring finger? Or did she make the switch to keep her engagement to her X-Men co-star on the DL? As of right now, no one from either camp has confirmed or denied the speculation. But you tell us, would you be excited to see Joult take the plunge into marriage territory? Or DYT they're still too young — both are 23 — and should take their time? After all, they did, like, just reunite. Go ahead, spill!

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