Pictures of Lana Del Rey Kissing “Jennifer Lawrence” Surface on Twitter

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If you frequent the Trending Topics list on Twitter, then you may've noticed "Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence" on it for a good portion of time today. Why? Oh, no reason… apart from pictures of what looks like the two of 'em kissing!

Messages, like the one seen here, have been exploding on the Twitter-sphere since last week, after snapshots from an old Lana Del Rey (yes, that's really her) shoot resurfaced:

Was the shoot in question actually with the Oscar-winning actress, though? NO. Apparently, this particular set of pictures was taken back in 2012 by photographer Chuck Grant. And, although that is actually the "Young and Beautiful" singer getting her smooch on, it's not with J.Law but with Chuck Grant herself, who just so happens to be Lana's sister.

Truthfully speaking, she could actually be a stand-in for Jennifer. (See another photo of her here.) But, yeah, once again, the Internet went crazy for no season. Oh well.

Jennifer Lawrence's latest Dior campaign is nothing short of stunning:

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