All the Times Jennifer Lawrence Got Hurt on the Set of The Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence has become pretty well known for her all-around klutziness over the past few years. And, as it turns out, that inability to avoid injury translates on-camera for her, as well. Rather, it translates BEHIND the camera. You see, over the course of four movies in the Hunger Games series, Jen has racked up more injuries filming her scenes as Katniss than any of her fellow cast members. That’s not necessarily a race that we’d be in it to win; but first place is first place, right? And none of her castmates are even close to knocking her out of her spot.

So, the next time that you’re watching a particularly high-action scene in THG and you cringe, thinking, “Oooh, that’s gotta hurt,” chances are that IT DID. Actually, between Jen and the rest of the gang, there were enough collective injury to assume that, even in fairly low-action scenes, something painful occurred. And, since, like we said, Jen was the reigning champ of hurting herself during filming, we’ll get started with rounding up ALL of the times that she suffered an injury throughout the franchise:

1. The time that she suffered serious bruising. It would appear that, sometimes, serious acting involves activities such as charging full-force into a wall. Jen did such a thing, but missing the cue to lift her foot to begin climbing said wall, she painfully ran straight into it. There were worries that she had damaged her spleen (yikes!), but a doctor gave the team the go-ahead to continue shooting after her injuries were found to be no more than severe bruising.

2. The time that she got repeated ear infections. As you may remember from the sweet, sweet memory of Finnick Odair in a slick wetsuit, much of Catching Fire took place either in or under water. That means that that annoying ear-popping feeling that you get when you go into a deep body of water was multiplied by a million for the actors, who had to shoot and re-shoot the scenes endlessly. As a result, Jennifer got (and then couldn’t get rid of) a nasty ear infection.

3. The time that she punctured an eardrum. Continuing in the theme of bad ear luck, Jennifer also suffered a punctured ear drum on the set of Catching Fire. There were apparently super-powerful jets underneath the water on-set and, after accidentally swimming too closely to one, Jennifer claims that she went deaf for about a month. We’d recommend that she consider being a land animal again for a little while.

4. The time that she almost choked to death on fog. While filming a scene for Mockingjay — Part I, Jen got trapped inside of a tunnel with a faulty fog machine that wouldn’t stop spitting out WAY too much fog. It apparently got so bad that, after the tunnel was cleared and Jen was freed, she couldn’t stop hacking for a while afterward.

5. The time she choked… on a vitamin. One report suggests that on the set of Mockingjay — Part 2, “Jennifer had just downed a handful of her daily vitamins, swallowing them with water, but one got caught in her throat. Suddenly she started gagging, gasping, pointing at her throat as her face turned bright red. Everyone around her froze, not knowing what to do. But when a crew person screamed, ‘Help,’ Woody [Harrelson] quickly ran up behind Jennifer and gave her a swift, hard slap on the back. When that didn’t help, he wrapped his powerful arms just under her chest, gave two quick, strong squeezes, and the vitamin popped out of her mouth.”

Jennifer reportedly responded, “You literally just saved my life. I really couldn’t breathe… I really thought I was gonna die right there.”

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