Jennifer Lawrence and ‘Hunger Games’ Director Gary Ross Reuniting For ‘East of Eden’

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Hunger Games fans, rejoice! If you loved the first movie's director — Gary Ross — and were bummed he didn't return for Catching Fire, fear not as he is set to work with Jennifer Lawrence once again! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo is will collaborate for another big screen adaptation of a popular book, but it's not one you might expect.

This time around, they'll be taking on East of Eden, one of the many works of noted scribe John Steinbeck. This also won't be the first film adaptation of the novel, as the legendary James Dean starred in East of Eden which was released back in 1955.

The plot East of Eden is pretty intricate, but the 1955 film's plot is as follows: "In the Salinas Valley, in and around World War I, Cal Trask feels he must compete against overwhelming odds with his brother Aron for the love of their father Adam. Cal is frustrated at every turn, from his reaction to the war, to how to get ahead in business and in life, to how to relate to estranged mother." It's said to be based on the biblical tale of Cain and Abel.

Not many other details are known at the time, but well known producer Brian Grazer is on board. Do we smell another Oscar for Jen?! It just might happen.

Are you excited for Gary and Jen to be working together again? (We are!) Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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