Jennifer Lawrence Blames Emma Stone for Her Golden Globes Absence

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Sometimes we’re secretly excited when plans get canceled, but Jennifer Lawrence was in for quite the surprise when Emma Stone hit her up after the 2018 Golden Globes to make an appearance at a number of after parties, only to find out that her plans were quickly ruined.

So if you’re wondering why Jen was a no-show at any and all Golden Globes-related carpets over the weekend, it’s all because of Emma. Following the show, Jen had planned to attend a few after-parties with her fellow Oscar winner, who was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture for her work in Battle of the Sexes, and did what any other person would do if they were about to hop around to different parties: She called up her glam team to help her get ready.

Halfway through the hair and makeup sesh, Emma called Jen to let her know that she wasn’t in the mood to attend said parties anymore, and the end result of that could not have been more iconic:

We’re just glad she didn’t wipe off her entire face of makeup because we wouldn’t have been able to witness this gem of a moment. But, you know, even if Jennifer showed up with a half-done face, it’s no question the majority of her fans would’ve found it incredibly endearing.

Although the besties didn’t disclose what their Golden Globes after-party really entailed, the idea of a large pizza, a few pints of Halo Top ice cream and a steady gossip sesh over the evening’s Golden Globes winners doesn’t sound too far from the truth.

After all, who doesn’t love canceled plans only to spend a romantic night with junk food and Netflix anyway?!