15 of the Dirtiest Things That Have Ever Come out of Jennifer Lawrence’s Mouth

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Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong, at least in our books. Between her award-show falls, awkward red carpet malfunctions and her overall say-it-like-it-is mantra, we just know that we would be the best of friends.

While entire IDGAF ‘tude obviously comes with an explicit vocab, for some reason we aren’t offended by it in the slightest. In fact, her non-apologetic manner makes us love her even more! And we think it’s pretty safe to say the majority of the world feels the same way, too! Check out the top 15 dirtiest things J.Law has ever gone on the record saying.

1. Alllllrighty, then!

2. After years of portraying Katniss, the most valuable lesson learned is:

3. Someone had to say it!

4. Well, duh!

5. You know, NBD, just searching for the girls.

6. Just wondering…

7. That should shut the paps up:

8. In case you were wondering…



9. Well, thank God for that!

10. Interesting…

11. Just a tad creepy, J.Law.

12. Why beat around the bush?

13. Do we even want to know?

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