10 of Jennifer Lawrence’s Clumsiest Moments of All Time

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most 'real' celebrities on the face of this planet. Unlike other stars who may try to only show their best self when they're in the public eye, J.Law's DGAF attitude is what made the world fall in love with her in the first place; even more so after she fell at the Oscars… the first time. Since then, though, many have started to suspect that her clumsiness and somewhat awkward demeanor are all for show. Remember what Jared Leto said? "You know, I'm starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act." Hmm…

While we can debate all we want as to whether or not the 23-year-old is as gawky as she comes off on the red carpet, in interviews, etc., we'd rather talk about her clumsiest moments of all time because, NMW, we <33 all things Jennifer Lawrence. And, just to make it easier for ya, we put them all in chronological order, starting with…

1. Accidentally kicking Josh Hutcherson in the face. (Sometime during the filming of the OG Hunger Games movie.) "I actually gave him a concussion but he had to console me because I was the one who cried. We both did stunt training for the movie and I took it a little too far and did a perfect death kick. I meant to stop before hitting his temple but he moved — so it was his fault really. My foot connected right on his temple. I could not stop crying for three hours."

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2. Causing a car accident because she thought she saw Honey Boo Boo… and it wasn't even her! (November 2012) "It was a breast cancer parade, and people were wearing [sashes] that said 'boobs,' but I thought it was saying 'Boo Boo,' and so I said, 'Whoa, does that mean Honey Boo Boo?' So I started craning my neck and I saw a little girl and I was like, 'That’s Honey Boo Boo.'… I had to get out of the car and explain what happened. I was like, 'I'm sorry that I hit your family. I thought I saw Honey Boo Boo.'"

Tumblr (here-comes-honey-boo-booo)

3. SAG Awards wardrobe malfunction? (January 2013) According to Christian Dior, no; J.Law's dress is meant to be in three separate parts. BUT, she did fall prior to walking on stage: "Somebody's chair got stuck on my train or somebody's foot or something."


4. Losing a shoe after attending the Silver Linings Playbook Pre-BAFTA Party. (February 2013) Because obviously.


5. Falling at the Oscars (the first time). (February 2013) Her acceptance speech made mention of the now-infamous tumble: "Thank you. You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that's really embarrassing, but thank you."

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6. Inadvertently attempting to swallow a microphone. (July 2013) Watch the magical moment from the X-Men: Days of Future Past panel at San Diego Comic-Con here:

7. Dropping mints in the middle of Catching Fire press conference in Madrid. (November 2013)


She was a champ about it though:

Panda Whale

8. Managing to (almost) lose her bracelet at the Golden Globes. (January 2014) Like… how did this happen?

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9. Falling at the Oscars (the second time). (March 2014) We love how eloquently Jen's best friend was about the situation: "We finally arrive at the red carpet and as we exit the car, my date eats s*** and uses my freshly done Lauren Conrad updo to break her fall. The crowd goes wild."


10. Nearly tripping at the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere in NYC. (May 2014) Visit our friends at Crushable.com for all the details.


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