First Jen Lawrence Was Called Racist, Now She’s Involved in Transphobic “Joke”

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This is probably not how the movie studio envisioned the press tour for Passengers going. With one week to go until the Jennifer Lawrence– and Chris Pratt-led film hits theaters, the two superstars are on the promo circuit all around the globe. Unfortunately for them, and Columbia Pictures, they’re not getting the best publicity.

During a visit to BBC Radio 1, the 26-year-old Hunger Games actress and 37-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actor engaged in a round of “Playground Insults.” The object of the game is to hurl insults at the other and try not to laugh; the one who makes the other burst into a fit of laughter and/or hurls the “best” insult wins.

The beginning of the match started out innocently enough, with Chris asking, “Why did they call it Joy?” in reference to the blonde beauty’s 2015 flick.

Jen’s response: “‘I really loved you [on] Everwood,’ said no one ever.”

“It’s such a shame to meet someone you thought you’d like,” Chris continued.

“You are so old, that your publicist is a registered nurse,” Jen uttered.

The ending, though, is what everyone is enraged over. Jen delivered, “Before our sex scene, I took two Pepto-Bismol.” And Chris bit back with the game-ending ~insult~, “During our sex scene, I felt your d*ck rubbing into me,” and Jen couldn’t contain her laughs.

Notice the issue people are having?

While you can say, “It’s a joke,” note that the name of the game is “Playground Insults,” and his insult was saying that a woman has a penis — that’s why many are crying “transphobia.”

This news comes a week after J.Law made headlines for laughing at what some dubbed a racist act, in which she disrespected culturally sacred rocks in Hawaii. Passengers better hope that the sayings “ALL PRESS IS GOOD PRESS” and “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY” hold true.
This isn’t the first time people said awful things about Jennifer Lawrence: