16 Celebrities Who Failed to Make a Relationship Work with Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston is a queen, and we’ll never ever understand why she’s had such bad dating luck. Watching the 49-year-old actress go from one failed marriage to the next — her last one with Justin Theroux ending just last week — has been rough for us fans. All we want is to see Jen on the red carpet posing with someone who makes her happy, but every time we think she’s found “the one,” it just ends in disappointment.

The iconic Friends actress is talented and gorgeous, so what gives? Well, we’ve decided that the reason she’s single again is plain and simple: She just hasn’t found someone who’s good enough for her. With so many rom-coms to her name and awards under her belt, not to mention dollars donated to charity, she sets the bar pretty dang high.

We don’t know if or when some other guy will reach that standard, but until then, she’ll be killing it on her own (as usual), and we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane. She’s been with her fair share of Hollywood hotties since her career began — check ’em out: