Jennette McCurdy Takes a Nasty Dig at Her Ex & Her Fans Are LOVING It

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Jennette McCurdy's real life is far from those of the characters she's portrayed on television. Between all the drama with Ariana Grande and Sam & Cat, it's almost hard to keep up. Then there's all that beef with her basketball player ex-boyfriend, Andre Drummond, who presumably leaked pictures of her in nothing but lingerie. Nope, not exactly a banner year for Miss McCurdy. The one big thing going for her right now: her dedicated fans.

In a random tweet, the 21-year-old (who turns 22 tomorrow!) said:

Ouch! Major dig. While it may seem a bit harsh to some, her huge fanbase of McCurdians is all about the nasty remark:

What do you think of Jennette's tweet? Was it well-deserved or kinda wrong on her part? Tell us all your related thoughts in the comments below!

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