Adele’s Out; Could Jennette McCurdy Take Her Place on Tour?! (Vid)

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Jennette McCurdySorry, ladies & gents. But Adele was forced to cancel her entire U.S. tour (due to bleeding in her vocal cords. Yikes!). But to soften the blow, maybe a little Jennette McCurdy can help. We’ve heard Jenny Mac’s insane rap skills, and natch singing abilities before. Now, we have for you, Jennette’s rendition of Adele’s “Take It All.” We know it’s a tough one to cover, but we think she nailed it!

Is she good enough to — dare we say it — take Adele’s place on her tour?! (We kid.) Listen to Jennette’s version below!

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Is Jennette a better singer, or actress? Was her Adele cover the best you’ve ever heard, or kinda meh? Up to you! Let us know below.