The “My Jeans” Girl Strikes Again Without Singing About Her Clothing (Vid)

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We don’t know what really happened with the onslaught of tween “artists” that hit us this year — Madison BrayLexi St. George, Devin Fox  — but we do know that we weren’t necessarily missing them. Especially Jenna Rose (aka the “My Jeans” girl). But we hope guess our days of thinking about the days of the week, clothing and pre-teen swag are gone with Jenna’s newest jam, “Time Of Our Lives.” Sorry, girly, but don’t Miley Cyrus and The Black-Eyed Peas sing about this, too?

But if we have to say something nice, we we will say this: The song is extremely, uhh… catchy? Watch for yourself:

MORE: Jenna Rose gives a shout out to Hannah Montana and Ashley Tiz!

Like it more than “My Jeans?” Is it more catchy than Rebecca Black’s “Friday?” If you’re actually a fan of this girl, tell us how it’s possible why below!