How a YouTuber’s Steamy Makeout Scene Led to a MAJOR On-Set Fail

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As we’ve seen a lot lately, YouTube stars are legit killing the game. Jake Paul, who is only 19 years old, just landed a series-regular role on an upcoming Disney channel show, joining the ranks of other online superstars who went from social media to our TV screens. And now, hot on the heels of #TeamInternet’s world takeover, Jenn McAllister, who you probably know and love from her YT channel JennxPenn, is starring in YouTube Red’s new comedy series, Foursome.

Jenn plays Andie, a normal girl who is trying to navigate high school like any teenager. During our recent chat, the YouTube queen explained the show in her own words.

“It’s about a high school student named Andie (who I play) and she has three best friends; one is a boy named Dakota [Rickey Thompson] who’s super gay, the other is a girl named Imogen who’s been homeschooled her entire life up until this year, and the other is named Courtney, who’s not even in high school anymore – she’s in college but she can’t let go of her high school self and wishes she was back in high school. So, that’s my core group of friends and they help me through everything, but the thing is, Courtney is dating my older brother [played by Jake’s older brother Logan Paul], who is SO overprotective and he is making it impossible for my character to talk to guys, or even for guys to look at her, because he’s THAT overprotective. And my character has a crush on his best friend, and so that’s where all the drama comes in.”

Whoa, that’s a LOT to take in. With a show that’s so jam-packed with that kind of intensity, there are bound to be some funny (read: embarrassing) on-set moments. Luckily, Jenn herself wasn’t the victim of embarrassment, but Logan definitely was. The 19 year old explained:

“[Logan] had this one scene where he had to pick up Meghan [Falcone] who plays Courtney and they had to make out as they walked out a door, and he couldn’t get the door open, so he literally just smashed through it. Like, completely smashed through it. The door was supposed to open inward, but he just pushed it and the whole thing broke and came off the frame. The set design team wasn’t too happy about that one, but…”

Um, ouch! Sounds like that mishap was pretty painful for the 20 year old, right? Apparently, not so much.

“Logan’s a strong guy,” Jenn continued. “He just pushed right through it. It didn’t even look like it wasn’t supposed to happen. Maybe they’ll keep it in [the final cut]. I hope they do!”

You can see all of the blond cutie’s makeout antics in the Foursome trailer below:

How hilarious does this look?! SO GOOD! Foursome will be available for streaming on YouTube Red tomorrow! Are you excited?!

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