Surprise! Hunger Games Star Welcomes First Child Over the Weekend

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Jena Malone is full of surprises!

First, the Hunger Games actress shocked everyone back in late January by announcing that she and boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo were expecting their first child together. But while Jena looked pretty pregnant in her reveal pics, no one was aware that she was quite as far along as she really was — like, ready to give birth just a few short months later!

The 31-year-old star made the announcement that she welcomed her first child — a son — over the weekend, and even posted an adorable picture of her sweet baby boy, Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone! She wrote:

“The best weekend of our lives!!! What an incredible blessing to be chosen by this amazing, kind, gentle and beautiful soul to be his parents. Humbled and in complete awe that we get to experience the most ancient and transcendent love that exists. Thank you Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone.”


Ethan also posted a heartwarming video montage of the happy new paretns and the adorable child on his own Insta page. We DARE you to watch this bad boy without tearing up. Not possible.

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Ahhh, so cute! This is almost as exciting as the time Sam Claflin became a dad without anyone knowing!

Congratulations to Jena and Ethan on their beautiful new arrival!


Unfortunately, Jena juuuuust missed her chance to be on the list of celebs celebrating their first Mother’s Day this year!