6 Movie Roles a Hunger Games Star Actually Missed Out On

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Jena Malone is known for being fierce AF in the Hunger Games movies. From her nude entrance to her no-holding-back potty mouth, Johanna Mason is nothing less than entertaining thanks to the 31 year old’s portrayal of character. Despite how fierce Jena can be, however, she’s actually faced her fair share of missteps on the way up to her career today. And while we don’t know as of yet whether or not she’ll be appearing in any of the apparent upcoming Hunger Games films, we do know that her life would be totally different without those films!

In fact, we don’t even know if she would have still been cast as Johanna is she was cast elsewhere beforehand! Imagine Jena in roles Lindsay Lohan is famous for? Or what if her career looked more like Anne Hathaway‘s? Yep, WAY different! Here are the just some of the major roles Jena almost got — but totally missed out on: