Stalking Jelena’s Instagram Pics Has Become Our Fave New Hobby (Pics)

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Ok, now this is officially unfair. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have the best lives ever.The most popular people in the world on Teen.com have really brought us to tears with their newest batch of Instagram photos because OMG, just look at them! They’re like, the freakin’ perfect couple! Come on, guys. Don’tcha think these pics were mean enough?!

Ugh. Anyway, just take a peep through Jelena’s newest pics. This pic may or may not be the only one of them together…

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Oh and BTW, check out of the couple’s other adorbs Instragram pics right here!. Check out the newest pics below!

Would you like to see a pic of Justin and Selena hanging out together? Do you like when they post pics on Instagram or do you think it’s annoying? Respond in the comments!