Jeffree Star Cries as He Thanks Gabriel Zamora for Exposing Manny MUA

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Yesterday, Gabriel Zamora uploaded a video and spilled some PIPING hot tea on Manny MUA. Gabby explained that Manny is a “toxic person” and, therefore, is cut out of his life. Many people were waiting to see what the 27-year-old’s former BFF, Jeffree Star, was going to say about the situation, and his response is enough to leave everyone shooketh.

The 32-year-old is known for keeping his emotions on lock, but recently began to open up more thanks to Shawn Dawson‘s docuseries. He continued this trend by not only responding to the 25-year-old and accepting his apology, but also thanking him for being honest and revealing the truth that so many people have been afraid to say.

“I just want to say, first off, Gabriel, thank you for apologizing to me,” Jeffree said on Snapchat through tears. “You are the only person to look me, man to man, eye to eye, and actually say sorry. Thank you for that. I accept your apology. After watching your video I sat here and cried for 10 minutes. There has been so many moments where I want to sit on camera and click play and speak my truth and I was so afraid. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it; I loved and respected these people; I won’t do it. Just, thank you for being honest. So many people in this beauty community are scared and they don’t speak up. So…thank you.”

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO also took to Twitter to seemingly address the situation, simply writing that “the truth will always set you free.”

Manny has allegedly been trying to contact Gabby, but there is no word if he’s reached out to Jeffree after the video was posted. He did, however, tell a fan that he’d be willing to sit down with his former bestie and “hash out” what happened between them.

Time will tell…