Fans Think Jeffree Star Leaked Manny MUA’s Debut Eyeshadow Palette Name

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The drama continues! YouTube beauty gurus Jeffree Star and Manny MUA used to be BEST friends, but they’ve slowly started drifting apart over the past several months. The 27-year-old assured fans there was no drama between them even though they weren’t hanging out as much, but we have a feeling that’s not 100% truthful.

It all started earlier this week when Manny tweeted about accidentally seeing “an old friend’s nudes” online. He didn’t give any other details, but it quickly became clear that he was talking about Jeffree’s boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, who had naked Snapchat pics leak on Tumblr around the same time.

The 32-year-old fired back, “Isn’t life a drag? Never a dull moment on the internet! He says hi!”

Both men deleted their tweets, but JS added one sent to no one in particular with similar words.

A little shady, but nothing too bad. That is, until FBI-worthy supers-sleuths took a closer look at JS’ words and realized Lunar Beauty, Inc., Manny’s beauty brand, trademarked a product called Life’s a Drag.

We hit 175K! You know what that means ?? #lunarbeauty

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Could Life’s a Drag be the name of Manny’s highly anticipated eyeshadow palette? It sure looks that way.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder called former-BFF Laura Leepure evil” in the past, so we doubt this drama is over.