Jeffree Star Disses Former BFF Laura Lee Following Racist Tweets Scandal

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Jeffree Star and Laura Lee used to be the best of friends, but the duo had a falling out in November 2017 and he called her “pure evil” as a result. Now that the 29-year-old beauty guru is facing her first major scandal, something the 32-year-old knows about dealing with all too well, he couldn’t help but throw a little shade her way.

Laura was forced to apologized after racist tweets from 2012 surfaced online, but Jeffree claims the drama is not over.

He tweeted, “The truth always comes out… There’s still so much more to be revealed. Remember, 2018 still has 4 months left.”

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder also took to Snapchat yesterday and literally couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“I love karma,” he said through cackles.

He continued, “I’ve been getting asked a LOT, ‘Are you ever gonna tell your side of the story?’ I don’t think I have to. I think everything will come out eventually on its own this year; there’s still four months left. 2018 has been a f*cking journey, girl. So… I’m bored.”

We have no idea what tea JS has to spill, but Laura is going to focus on bettering herself from this point on.

“Personally, I will continue to work on myself. I am not perfect, but I know I am better than this,” she writes in an apology statement. “I’m holding myself and my actions accountable — to use this as a learning moment. I sincerely apologize to you all and I hope with time, I am able to earn your respect back.”