Super Popular YouTube Beauty Guru Accused of Stealing by Former Friend

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When Kat Von D publicly renounced her friendship with YouTube beauty guru and cosmetics brand owner Jeffree Star recently, no one really knew why. While the pair had gotten into tiffs in the past, the sudden disassociation seemed to come out of nowhere and fans were left waiting for the “video explanation” she promised. Well, the wait is now over.

Although the tattoo artist mentioned his promotion of “drug use, racism, and bullying” as some of the reasons that she was wary of her former friend, it was Jeffree’s shady business actions that sent her over the edge.

“I introduced Jeffree to [artist] BJ [Betts] and then BJ drew up his logos and then Jeffree went forward with them — it’s the logos that you guys see now on all of the caps on all of his lipsticks — and then never, never paid BJ. And BJ would call him and basically Jeffree blocked his phone. So then finally BJ called from a landline and Jeffree answered and then when he realized it was BJ asking for payment, he hung up on him and blacked that number and that’s just what he does.”

The 34-year-old found out about this situation last weekend and proceeded to text the YT star and asked why he hasn’t paid the artist.

“He basically told me to f*ck off… go f*ck myself. And then blocked my number, and that’s just how he does it. And then he blocks me on Instagram and Twitter, as if I even followed him anyway.”

But even though the tattoo artist showed BJ’s preliminary sketches and the similarities they hold to Jeffree’s current logo design, the beauty guru is calling BS and says there is not any bad blood between him and the artist.

So far, BJ has not commented on this situation.


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