Jackie Aina Responds to Jeffree Star Calling Her a “Gorilla”

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Will the Jeffree StarJackie Aina drama ever end? According to this most recent scandal, not likely.

Recently, Jeffree’s former hairstylist, Daved Anthony Munoz, decided to leak a bunch of old text messages between the two of them. In the texts, Jeffree uses the N-word and calls Jackie Aina, whom he’s had beef with in the past, a “gorilla.”

People were furious, but Jeffree seemed to deny Daved’s claims when he tweeted this:

Of course, everyone wanted to know what Jackie had to say about the situation. She usually avoids talking about Jeffree, but she issued a statement in response to the leaked messages:

“I have not and will not excuse [Jeffree’s] blatantly racist behavior,” she wrote. “No one in the community should feel they are protected enough to continuously say things to make black women feel ugly and ashamed in their own skin.”

The beauty guru also pointed out the selective anger that allows some YouTubers (such as Laura Lee) get destroyed for racist comments, while others (like Jeffree) get away with it.

“If there’s going to be a standard, let’s raise it for everyone,” she wrote. “Let’s stop making excuses for people just because we like the way they blend eyeshadow.”

She also expressed her frustration with the people who ask her to constantly address things or even forgive Jeffree.

It looks like that’s the last we’ll be hearing about Jeffree from Jackie. Despite the drama, the YouTuber urged her followers to focus on beauty gurus who are, well, less problematic.

“I hope moving forward, we can do better and focus on making room for those with responsible voices and positive platforms,” she wrote.

For everyone’s sake, we hope that this is the last of the Jeffree-Jackie beef. But knowing Jeffree, we have a feeling this isn’t the end.