Jeffree Star Responds to Racist Claims by Calling Black YouTuber a “Rat”

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Jeffree Star is perhaps THE most problematic beauty guru on YouTube right now. While the former musician has some redeeming qualities, it’s hard to forget about his past that’s filled with hate, racism, sexism, etc. Last summer, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics owner apologized for his disgusting comments, but that wasn’t enough for YouTuber Jackie Aina, who felt he didn’t change and therefore wasn’t actually sorry.

The drama first started back in April when Jackie did an ‘anti-haul’ in which she said she wouldn’t be purchasing anything from JS’ cosmetics line due to his racist past. Then, several weeks later, the beauty gurus found themselves on a business trip together…#awkward. The two kept things professional, but the 29-year-old couldn’t help but hit the world with some shade.

Fast forward to late last week when Jackie noticed something a little peculiar — the 31-year-old blocked her on Instagram.

She then commented on the situation (without mentioning any names, BTW) by explaining WHY she chose to not support him in the first place.

Jeffree fired back, saying he “feels bad for anyone who spends time caring or worrying about that they got blocked by someone” and asking if he should send her an invoice because her anti-haul vid, which first started the drama, is “her most viewed video in three months.” The former pop star took the insults way too far, however, when he called her an “irrelevant rat.”

That was enough for JA — She stopped with the indirects and called him out directly.

They say actions speak louder than words, but we think Jeffree’s words did all the necessary talking in this case. We commend Jackie for staying strong and standing up for herself and countless other women of color who face racism on a daily basis.

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