Jeffree Star Disses Manny MUA’s Apology by Liking Some Savage Tweets

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Manny MUA tried to do damage control after former BFF Gabriel Zamora called him a “toxic person,” but it doesn’t appear it’s working. The beauty guru’s most recent YouTube video in which he apologizes to Gabby and explains his side of the story currently has more dislikes than likes, and is getting some pretty ~interesting~ comments.

“When you get caught and your subs are dropping so you shift the blame instead of apologizing,” one of the most thumbs-upped comments reads.

In the vid, the 27-year-old also addressed the feud between him and Jeffree Star, which is something people have been curious about for what feels like forever.

“There were things that were mutually done to one another that hurt the other,” he said. “You know, and the fact that we didn’t communicate that to each other better is truly where I feel our downfall was. It was our lack of communication and we were not able to communicate to each other how we were truly feeling. Jeffree has done so much for me in my life; I would not be where I am today without Jeffree. Jeffree has helped me in insurmountable ways. He truly, truly has.”

Manny previously admitted that he’d love to sit down with the 32-year-old and hash out all the drama between them once and for all, but it doesn’t appear Jeffree is going to be willing to meet up. You see, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO dissed the Lunar Beauty founder by liking several shady tweets calling his apology “irrelevant” and saying it shows his “sociopathic narcissism.”

jeffree star disses manny mua apology

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While JS didn’t directly responds to Manny’s video, it’s pretty clear that the bridge has already been burned and the beauty gurus aren’t going to start being best friends again any time soon.