Jeffree Star Slams Gabriel Zamora for Not “Personally Apologizing” After Diss

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It’s the week of the apology statement in the YouTube beauty community. Gabriel Zamora was one of several YouTubers who apologized after past racist tweets were uncovered, but racism wasn’t the only thing he addressed in his statement.

A few days ago, the beauty guru seemingly shaded ex-friend Jeffree Star by posting a picture of himself, Laura Lee, Manny Mua and Nikita Dragun giving the middle finger and captioning it, “Bitch is bitter because without him we’re doing better.”

gabriel zamora apologizes racist tweet

Twitter (@gabrielzamora)

The 25-year-old received tons of backlash from Jeffree’s fans as a result, and ultimately said he was sorry for acting “out of emotion and pettiness” when he posted the photo.

“I want to apologize to Manny, Laura and Nikita as my first tweet that included the photo of us was never ok’d by them,” he wrote on Twitter. “[…] I acted out of emotion and pettiness and it was solely my tweet and my words and no one else’s. […] Most importantly, I want to apologize to the beauty community and my own social family. I am upset with myself that I created negativity in a world that doesn’t need anymore hate.”

What he didn’t do, however, is apologize to the 32-year-old directly. In fact, he didn’t even mention Jeffree’s name once. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder was, understandably, pretty offended by this, as he was the target of the original diss, and couldn’t help but throw some shade back.

“Imagine not personally apologizing to me because your ego is so f*cking big… #CantRelate”

jeffree star disses gabriel zamora apology

Twitter (@jeffreestar)

Jeffree was asked if he plans to expose former bestie Laura Lee, who he previously called “pure evil,” but he thinks the universe will take care of the tea-spilling.

“The truth always comes out… There’s still so much more to be revealed. Remember, 2018 still has 4 months left,” he said.