Uh Oh! Jeffree Star is in Hot Water After Wearing Cornrows for a Photo Shoot

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When it comes to Jeffree Star, we can all agree that there’s been no shortage of drama lately. (We mean, need we remind you of everything that went down between him, Manny Mua and Laura Lee??) Well, hold on tight, ladies and gents, because the Jeffree drama isn’t over quite yet.

While the commotion between Jeffree and some of his fellow YouTubers may have died down a bit, the beauty guru is now facing backlash for wearing cornrows in a holiday photoshoot for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Come on… did he really expect to get NO heat for this?!

Jeffree took to social media over the weekend, not only to share photos of the hairstyle once it was complete, but to document the entire process on video. Of course, this simply didn’t fly with his followers, and people were quick to come for Jeffree on social media. Like Kim Kardashian, Jeffree was being accused of appropriating a hairstyle traditionally worn by people of color.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, there are just as many people on social media who actually think the braids are amazing and not offensive at all. See?

Clearly, people are very divided about whether or not Jeffree’s new hairstyle is crossing a line, and if you ask us, we think he would’ve been better off rocking something anything else. Whether you think he looks good or not, appropriating another culture is very uncool, and you never want to straddle that line.