Congratulations! One of Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriends Just Had a Baby

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Jasmine V is no longer Justin Bieber‘s only ex-girlfriend who can now call herself ‘mom.’ Jayde Pierce, vlogger and nude vacation partner, announced that she and her boyfriend Mike Dixon were expecting a baby in early November, while she was already six months along. The British beauty welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Ayla on January 8.

Jayde announced the birth of her daughter on Instagram, along with the caption, “We are so in love with you.”

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We can’t imagine how tough it must’ve been for the new parents to keep their exciting news quiet for almost a week. But then again, they didn’t say anything about the pregnancy until they were over halfway through, even though it was “one of the hardest things” Jayde ever did.

“Thank you for your lovely messages! We’re doing fine, just taking some time to ourselves hence why I wasn’t on social media for a bit,” the girl wrote on Twitter after making the birth announcement. “I was in labor for three days lol! I’ll tell you all about it when I’m ready but basically I now feel like super woman.”

HO-LY crap — that sounds intense.

Congratulations to Jayde and Mike!!

After his relationship with Jayde, Justin Bieber was linked to a bunch of lovely ladies in 2016 alone!