15 Jay-Z Jetski Memes That Will Have You ROLLING on the Floor

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the couple that keeps on giving. First they went on tour together, then they went on tour together AGAIN, then they dropped a joint album and rented out the freakin’ Louvre to film a music video. #casual The iconic celebs keep outdoing themselves, and these two can truly do no wrong in our eyes.

Bey and Jay have been the subject of numerous memes throughout the years. Of course, there was the infamous elevator incident, and then there was the masterpiece of savagery that was Lemonade. While those memes stemmed from the couple’s relationship problems, the newest viral sensation was caused by pictures of the pair having fun on some jet skis.

The pictures were taken two years ago, but they recently resurfaced on the Internet, and people couldn’t help but mess around with the picture of the rapper looking less-than-pleased on his jet ski. Keep scrolling to see the hilarious memes created as a result!