Queer Internet Star on Hardcore Blast for Outing Boy-Band Member as Gay

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This has to stop. It was just over a month ago that YouTube star Sierra Watts ~accidentally~ (or so she says) outed YouTubers Natalia Taylor and Anna Campbell as queer and in a relationship, and now we’re seeing a strangely similar scenario play out right before our eyes.

Pansexual Vine star Jay Versace recently decided it would be a good idea to leak some direct messages sent to him by Jacob “Princeton” Perez, a member of mindless Mindless Behavior, that pretty much expose him as being gay.

While the 21-year-old said he’s “not in a closet,” he has never publicly spoke about his sexuality and clearly didn’t realize the private messages would be made public. So, even though the 19-year-old thinks he “did not ‘out him’ [since] he clearly said he wasn’t in the closet” and “wasn’t keeping it a secret,” we have to disagree. Coming out is something that should be done on a person’s own terms, no questions asked. The teen is obviously also in the wrong for bullying Jay, but the latter didn’t have the right to make such sensitive information known to thousands of people.

Many people agree that his explanation and apology (“I do admit — making that decision out of anger was clearly a wrong move and I apologize not only to him but to you guys,” he wrote) are not enough to rectify the situation.

It is never, EVER okay to expose someone’s sexuality without their permission. Period. Done. End of story.

These queer celebrities were unfortunately forced out of the closet: