YouTuber Tries to Prove His Ex-GF is a Liar by Showing the World His Penis

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Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren were #RelationshipGoals like no other, documenting their movie-like romance on Instagram for more than two years. Things suddenly went sour back in August 2016, however, when the couple suddenly stopped vacationing together, unfollowed each other on Twitter, and deleted multiple pics on IG. While the 20- and 21-year-olds never officially commented on the breakup rumors, fans figured it out and eventually accepted that the Internet stars went their separate ways. Turns out, the split was a lot more messy than just two young people drifting apart.

We’re not sure what happened to provoke the California-born beauty, but she recently went IN on her ex bae, exposing him hardcore. First, she tried to be subtle:

But then she basc said ‘SCREW THAT!!’ and told people to “ask away [because she’s] not afraid to tell the truth anymore.”

One fan asked which party ended the relationship, to which she replied, “[It] was a manipulated as f*ck ending. Pushed me to my limits so I broke it so he wouldn’t get blamed for ending it.”

She also explained the the reason for the split was because “the relationship wasn’t good for his business anymore.” But perhaps the most WTF-inducing note, at least to her ex, was one that has since been deleted; it read, “He’s got a small d*ck too.” SAVAGE!!

Needless to say, Jay was NOT happy. His response? Refuting her claims by posting a semi-NSFW video of his penis.

The 21-year-old followed that lovely production up with a tweet about how body-shaming is never okay, no matter your gender.

We definitely agree with Jay on the body-shaming front, but we’re pretty sure the video wasn’t a necessary addition.

At least Jay purposely showed the world his private parts! These male celebs, however, did not: