Jason Segel’s YA Book Series ‘Nightmares!’ Gets Fall 2014 Release Date

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Earlier this month, How I Met Your Mother actor Jason Segel spilled the beans that he’d written a YA series, but now we’re learning more details! Deadline is reporting that the book, titled Nightmares!, will be released through Random House in the fall of 2014.

The plot of the action-packed book centers on a town that’s been overcome by fear, which has “manifested itself in the form of nightmare creatures that have slipped into the everyday world.” It’s up to a group of young kids to conquer those fears to get the town back to normal. The project started out as a screenplay, but has since been turned into this book series. However, many believe that it could end up on the big screen at some point as well.

Jason released a statement about the book, saying “I couldn’t be more excited that Nightmares! has found a home at Random House. Ultimately, it’s a story about learning that we can accomplish anything, as long as we are brave enough to try. These are the types of stories that always inspired me.”

Random House president Barbara Marcus also expressed her excitement, saying, “Jason Segel has the perfect voice to write for children. Nightmares! is inventive, genuine, and relatable to middle-grade readers. We’re thrilled to see Jason’s creative vision translated to the page, and can’t wait to introduce him to the publishing world as a tremendous new talent.”

Looks like Jason could be joining the ranks of Suzanne Collins and Stephenie Meyer as one of the great YA authors! Will YOU read Jason’s book? Sound off in the comments!

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