‘How I Met Your Mother’ Star Jason Segel Reveals He Wrote YA Triolgy

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Thanks to movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets, we know Jason Segel is a great screenwriter, but is he ready to take over the YA book world? It sure looks that way! The 33-year-old actor recently revealed to VH1 that he has penned a YA trilogy based on a screenplay he wrote back when he was 21.

If the books are released, does this mean he’ll join the ranks of Twilight‘s Stephenie Meyer and The Hunger GamesSuzanne Collins? Not quite — let us explain.

So, even though Jason has penned this trilogy, the plot is pretty vague, and it hasn’t officially been bought by a publishing house yet. The only details revealed about the book series was that it centers on kids “facing their biggest fears.”

If the book is purchased — which is highly likely — we should expect a release some time later this year. This is pretty exciting news! What if he wrote the next big YA trilogy?!

What do you guys think? Would YOU read a book written by Jason? Sound off in the comments section!

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