We Think We Know What (or Should We Say, Who?) Jasmine V’s New Mixtape is About… (First Listen!)

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Jasmine VSomething tells us that Jasmine V‘s not even trying to be subtle about her feelings for ex-boyf Justin Bieber. First, she makes a vid for “Just A Friend,” which seems to be about Jelena. Now, her new S(he) Be(lie)ve(d) mixtape is pretty much confirming our thoughts. Here are just some of the song titles that are a little sketchy:

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“Jealous,” “Breakup Song,” “This Isn’t Love.” Oh, and here’s what she said on the back of the tape:

“Sometimes in life u can be in relationships that make u feel so silly. I finally realized that this thing we have has all been a masquerade. It got back to me that he tells people, ‘I’m just a friend,’ what the #$@!!! How embarassing!”

True, this be about any other relationship she’s been through. But let’s be real here… Listen to all of JV’s tracks below, then tell us whatcha think!

Well, Jasminators? Do you think her mixtape’s about the Biebs? And which of Jas’ new tracks is your fave? You can tell us everything below.